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The Lozupone Lab provides services for 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) targeted sequencing, data analysis and anaerobic culture through the affiliated Anschutz Center for Microbiome Excellence (ACME).

Service Discounts, Microgrants and Pilot Grants for use of our services are offered through the NIH (P30) supported Center for Mucosal Immunology and Rheumatic Disease Pathogenesis (CMIR).

Mucosal Immunobiology Core


If interested in these services please contact: Nichole Nusbacher:

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Microbiome Sequencing

To support characterization of microbial community composition, we provide high-quality and quality-controlled microbial diversity data by performing nucleic acid isolation from biospecimens and 16S rRNA PCR and sequencing using the standardized protocols of the Earth Microbiome project described at

We have provided quality 16S rRNA targeted sequencing data for biospecimens including feces, mucosal biopsy, cecum, and saliva for more than 25 research groups supporting more than 15 different publications.

Microbiome data analysis 

We provide core 16S rRNA microbiome analyses for a standard fee. These include demultiplexing and denoising sequences and producing tables of unique sequence counts per sample, assigning taxonomy to sequences and and producing summary tables and plots, and  computing standard alpha and beta diversity measures and summary plots to describe overall microbiome composition. These analysis are conducted using the core diversity analyses workflow of the QIIME 2 software package ( and with a standard workflow adapted from the “Moving pictures tutorials” (with some minor modifications)(

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